Thursday, September 28, 2006

So This Would Be the 'Socialization' We've Heard So Much About

Pop quiz, boys and girls! Question: How many reasons for homeschooling can you find in this article? Besides the one that's the subject of the article, of course.


"The T-shirts ... are posing dress-code dilemmas on Washington area campuses."

"sexually suggestive T-shirts often fall into a gray area that requires officials to evaluate one shirt at a time"

" 'I know she's a sweet girl, and I know that she's very conservative and is not sexually active," Ajanaku [girl's mother] said. "Other people would probably get the wrong message, but I am pretty much like, 'Who cares what they think?'" (A two-fer!)

"And she said: 'I don't know. My dad knows that I have it,'" he recalled. "So I called the dad, and, of course, he had no idea."

"Rosa Pulley tried to order her daughter Keana ... to return a T-shirt that says, "yes, but not with u!" But Keana insisted."

"But if they're not single, it'd kind of [tick] me off, like they're a tease. I wouldn't let my girlfriend wear that." (Another two-fer.)

A few more sprinkled throughout.

Now don't think I'm a controlling monster. I even let Offspring #1 wear her fish pants (in eye-searing combination with pink high-tops) nearly every day (they do get washed...); because I, too, believe in picking my battles.

I'm just not under the impression that a wholescale invasion of the shire by orcs, which I've left myself utterly unable to defend against, constitutes a judicious choice of strategic surrender.


Anonymous Big Tex said...

"Interesting" article there... like I needed another reason to homeschool my kids. Simple solution for the school district: outlaw that type of shirt. It's simple. You gotta know that the purpose of even the so-called mild ones are to be provacative.

And the parents? I can't believe how out of touch they are with their kids. Good grief! Too many worldly influences.

10:00 PM  

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