Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Feeling Complainy

I can't homeschool in these conditions anymore. The construction project outside, which involves ripping up the entire intersection (we live on the corner) all the way onto the city easements (i.e. ten feet into our yard, tearing out tree roots and disabling our sprinkler system during one of the worst droughts we've had in years) has moved into a new phase which is causing the entire house to vibrate non-stop. Everything is vibrating. I'm trying to toast an Eggo for Offspring #2 and the toaster oven is rattling away. This has been going on for months now: the incredible noise, the dust, the increasingly crispy-brown yard. Work starts at seven o'clock promptly, weekends included.

Both kids are perpetually bleary-eyed because they can never sleep in. Offspring #1 had spacers put between her teeth yesterday (as a prelude to braces), and despite the ibuprofen passed an uncomfortable and sleepless night. But at seven sharp, the pounding and the beeping and the shaking and the shouting started again just a few feet from her window, just like it has for months. She's miserable and exhausted: not much chance of getting lesson work done today.

And did I mention the drought? We've had one day this month that the temperature dropped below 99; we called that our "cold front" (it got down to 96 and we saw some clouds). Not a drop of rain. We can't open our windows in the evenings because the dust takes all night to settle. Our house, our car, and our dying shrubbery are all thickly coated with dust; no point in trying to wash anything; we can see the billowing clouds out the (dusty) window all day. Eudoxus has been having respiratory nastiness. Those guys doing the construction must be suffering. It's like The Grapes of Wrath, only we can't pack the family into an old jalopy and leave for California.

On the bright side, between the dryness and the dust, there are no mosquitoes at all this year. Maybe they've all gone to California.


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