Thursday, September 28, 2006

Co-ops and Baby Vomit

I've been planning a nice long post on co-ops, and now that Spunky has one up, this would seem to be the time, especially after a long blogging hiatus. But Offspring #2 has been feverish and throwing up all night for two nights now (why only at night?) and the coffee doesn't seem to be holding back the brainfog anymore. So if you have any thoughts on co-oping, post 'em here and I'll incorporate when I start functioning again.

I'm interested also in non-hs'ers views on co-ops (Yahm? Did I get your attention with the vomit reference?). A co-op, for the non-initiated, is when a hs'ing parent (or parents) teach a certain subject to a group of hs'ing children. One phenomenon that interests me is that non-hs'ers worried about academics think they're a great idea; while hs'ers worried about academics are often quite skeptical of them.

Thoughts, please.


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