Thursday, August 31, 2006

Carnival of Homeschooling

And in a very odd format, too. From Category Five, a weather blog: interesting piece, but if you're just looking for the homeschool links, scroll to the bottom.

Good post from The Common Room with a followup on eBay's bizarro policy banning teacher's manuals. Apparently eBay's explanations are shifting from the unconvincingly altruistic (yes, it hurts our business, especially with homeschoolers whom we really really like, but it's necessary for protecting cheating children from themselves) to the long-suspected bottom line (textbook publishers are leaning on us, and they're a bigger chunk of business than are homeschoolers).

Of course, eBay keeps p*rn out of the hands of the under-18's (who aren't supposed to be buying anything on eBay anyway) through the foolproof method of making buyers click on a button saying "I'm 18 or over." But those TMs with the answers to the even-numbered problems in the back--you can't leave dynamite like that where little hands can get to it.


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