Saturday, August 12, 2006

Toys in the Attic (to Koine phrase)

Here's some interesting resources for the dedicated classical homeschooler who is determined to be part of the Hellenistic revival sweeping* the country. My favorite is down at the bottom: a file of Greek history worksheets called "Acropolis Now."

*In its own small way. I knew a young woman who, after an idiosyncratic classical education that included generous helpings of Greek and Latin, was admitted to Stanford, where she looked forward to at last hobnobbing with those of a similar education. She was excited to see right away flyers for a "Greek Social," and showed up eager to share her love of Aeschylus and Xenophon with the likeminded. It seems, alas, the classical revival had not quite fully swept the ivied halls.


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That's amusing.

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