Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Stages of iPod

Thanks to Yahmdallah for the suggestion.

1. Price Panic: Thanks for the iPod, honey, but we can't afford it! Oh, the credit card company gave you free prize points in exchange for your not pursuing those questionable extra charges? And you bought it with those? Well that's okay then.

2. The Last Ten Years Vanish: Hooray! I can listen to all my cool music again, just like I did in the days before Wee Sing tapes! Gosh I haven't heard Bono missing notes on Boy in ages.

3. The Reality of Child Neglect: Turns out that you can't hear the little one screaming when you have Shonen Knife cranked. When am I going to get to use this thing?

4. Everything is Absorbed into Homeschooling: Now my iPod mostly contains recordings of Shakespearian drama, the Iliad and Odyssey, and medieval recordings from BYU's Chaucer Studio, so I can plug it into the tape deck and Offspring #1 can carschool when we run errands. Sigh.


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