Thursday, May 25, 2006

Life and Death

In the local news. The man who was killed in a jet-skiing accident on Lake Travis yesterday was blogger Father Todd Reitmeyer, we learn this morning from Amy Welborn's blog. He was home in Austin for a vacation.

Meanwhile, Robert Springsteen, who was flagrantly railroaded for Austin's infamous and unsolved 1991 Yogurt Shop murders (his death sentence had been commuted due to the Supreme Court's decision regarding death sentences for minors), has had his conviction overturned by the Fourth Circuit. The APD, and pretty much no one else, remains convinced of his guilt. Just like they were convinced of Maurice Pierce's guilt. And Christopher Ochoa's. And Lacresha Murray's. Odd how the APD gets confessions out of so many people who turn out to be innocent.

Michael Scott, the third defendant in the Yogurt Shop murders, remains in prison serving a life sentence (having refused an offer at one point of a 20-year sentence, out on parole in 13, in exchange for rolling over on Pierce), convicted chiefly on the basis of his confession.

St. John Vianney, patron of priests, and St. Dismas, patron of the wrongfully imprisoned, pray for Fr. Reitmeyer, for Springsteen and Scott, and for mercy and justice in our city.


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