Friday, May 05, 2006

Don't know why ... there's no sun up in the sky ...

Everyone make it through the storm okay?

We lost some big limbs from our elm, nothing worse. The tree guy was supposed to come Monday for pruning just so we wouldn't take this kind of damage from a bad storm, but oh well. No other real damage that I can see, though we haven't checked the roof thoroughly. The house across the street that's being rebuilt had the roof crunched pretty badly by neglected trees; the pecan in front of the house next to it looks ripped up enough I can't see it staying alive.

We heard a loud POP when the leading edge hit, which turned out to be the power line at the corner going down. The street was a couple inches under water at that point, and the electric flashes and popping just kept going on nonstop. The fire dept. wasn't able to get anyone out for an hour to fix it. Eudoxus rescued the cat who had sensibly holed up under the car.

I'm surprised the flooding isn't any worse, as the city has recently blocked off the storm drains as they work on this endless project to (ironically) increase sewer capacity in case of a big storm. Like this one. This is the project they promised us after the 2001 storms, where we actually had water jetting out of the drains and flooding everyone.

Did anyone see the 1.5" hail they promised us on the news? I found a .5" chunk that bounced onto the porch, but I wasn't inclined to wander out among the falling trees and power lines to look for more.

What a mess. Time to go clean up the yard.

Update: One perimeter check later ... a particularly big elm limb crunched our fence at the corner, and the security light behind the house is in a zillion shiny pieces. The tree guy stopped by in person to beg for a postponement, since he's spending the next few days chainsawing trees off of people's roofs.

So, Mrs. Darwin ... the radar looked like y'all got socked pretty bad last night. Any interesting funnel-shaped clouds, or was that fun all going on to the southwest?


Blogger MrsDarwin said...

Geez, I wish we'd been at home during the storm. We were on the road (I-35, to be exact), driving back from the Majella Society dinner, when it started sprinkling, then pouring, and then all hell broke loose. Visibility was just about nil, and many cars had their hazards on just so that you could see them. We did the white-knuckle drive all the way out Parmer Lane (with no street lights) to our baby-sitter's, and while we were there things let up. No funnel clouds on the road -- thank God! It actually looks pretty clean here in Round Rock (not that I've been out of the house all day, you understand).

Should have stayed at the dinner longer and chatted it up with Zell Miller and Rick Perry. :)

10:33 AM  

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