Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Handy Guide to Foraging for Chemicals

Just because you were wondering where you were going to find that one thing you needed for your experiment locally. (If anyone knows a good way to get hold of hydrated copper carbonate, let me know.)

ammonium chloride = soldering flux
ammonium hydroxide = household ammonia
boric acid = roach, ant, & flea killer
calcium carbonate = chalk
calcium sulfate = plaster of paris
magnesium sulfate = epsom salt
sodium bicarbonate = baking soda
sodium bisulfate = Sani-Flush
sodium borate = borax
sodium carbonate = washing soda
sublimed sulfur = flowers of sulfur (homeopathic remedy)
trisodium phosphate = TSP heavy-duty cleaner

copper = cannibalized electric wire
tin = plumbing solder
zinc strips = roof algae preventer

UPDATE: Turns out you can get hydrated copper carbonate in the form of powdered azurite from an icon supplier! I may have to ask around my arty friends and see if anyone can spare a few grams....


Blogger sophia said...

Hey Sharon,
You could ask Irene...she's an iconographer. Thanks for this list!

9:19 PM  

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