Thursday, June 09, 2011

Zombie Blog

We have had a good draught of that Reanimator potion, and the blog is rising from the grave. Not like the modern 28-days-later speed zombies, but rather night-of-the-living-dead zombies (we are classical homeschoolers, after all). Slow and lurchy.

When we last left you, Offspring #3 was out of control, Offspring #1 was in the throes of adolescence, of which we shall say no more, and Offspring #2 was suffering neglect amidst the continuing center-stage drama of her sisters. Things are much calmer now: we have a proper diagnosis and a good prognosis, a leveling of hormones, and a very planned-out curriculum with lots of hands-on Mommy time and artsy-craftsy projects that make the formerly neglected child hum and squeal with joy through much of her day.

So it must be time to blog again. We have up for discussion movies, diocesan drama, literature, academics, and personal items of little interest to most potential readers of this blog.

But first I need to go through the comboxes and delete all the Russian pr0n spam.


ETA: I hear that Certain People are unable to comment because Blogger tells them they aren't Team Players, or Team Members, or somewhich. I will try to sort that out. If any more technically minded person knows what to do, I'm all ears.


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