Friday, April 24, 2009

Two Recent Quotes

... that sum up nicely the tenor and relative success of Offspring #1's homeschooling career:

1. "You know what's really amusing about Planck's Constant?"

2. "Punic, Peloponnesian, whatever."

I think she's not so much headed for the liberal arts.


Anonymous amy said...

Speaking of great quotes, here's one from my kindergarten son's Montessori teacher.

"I keep reminding J. that he must slow down (in his reading) and treat each letter with dignity and respect."

I'm afraid I will never be a Montessori teacher.

6:32 AM  
Blogger Darwin said...

I must confess that I myself have often been guilty of forcing words to go much faster than they would have liked. But at the time I was convinced that they liked it.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Homie! It's been two months! Where are you?


9:13 AM  

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