Monday, December 19, 2005

Blogging Hiatus

My apologies to my regular readers (half a dozen of my friends, and my dad--hi, Dad!) for the lack of blogging lately. The last time I was active, I suddenly found the blog linked to a major Catholic blog and a major homeschooling blog. Which was very flattering, and I went around for a day or so with my vanity in full flower, thinking "Wow! Total strangers are surfing in and reading my blog!"--until the kitchen clock dinged the end of my fifteen minutes, I abruptly returned to my normal self, and thought "Aaaaaa! Total strangers are surfing in and reading my blog!" At which point the muse excused herself, observed that she had much holiday preparation to do back on Mt. Helicon, and fled for the hills.

So I will return to blogging, including the HFH reading group (all you gals* are reading, even if you're not commenting, right?). But infrequently until the holiday** madness is all over. If you're still checking up on this blog from time to time, I appreciate your faithfulness. It will be repaid!

*Yes, I know at least one of you is a guy, but in homeschooling circles, "women" and "moms" are generic group usages that are acknowledged to include males.

**I use the excoriated "holiday" rather than "Christmas" not out of any PC sentiment, but because the holiday season in this house starts a week before Thanksgiving and wraps up in early January, including along the way the children's birthdays. Not coincidentally, this is when we take our long vacation from homeschooling, rather than summer when I have nothing better to do and the thermometer is above one hundred every day for weeks so what else is there to do but sit inside by the AC vent and do bookwork?


Blogger Yahmdallah said...

Well, Merry Christmas anyway you blog neglecter you. ;)

Hey, I know you and yer hubby like eclectic music, and I've found a teeny little label that's releasing old stuff that no one else will. [Insert grim retort here.] They're called wounded bird records:

No, this is not spam, btw.

6:05 AM  
Anonymous George said...

in re 'gals','moms':
well, uh... I guess I heard those labels in high school as well, though delivered as a form of pejorative sophomoric epithet. Could we add a 3rd category: Mr. Mom? LOL

7:49 AM  

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