Friday, October 28, 2005

Come on, everyone, give the Pantocrator a hand This one caught me off-guard (scroll down to "Proposition 21").

"Proposition 21: Applauses in the Eucharistic Prayer. The Eucharistic prayers could be enriched with applause, not only after the consecration, but also in other moments, as foreseen in the Eucharistic prayers for the celebrations with the children and like it is made in various countries."

And after remembering recently how my dear Grandmommy taught me not to applaud in church, too. It seemed for a moment that some bishops at the recent Eucharistic Synod had just lost their marbles. I'm all for "inculturation," but not if the culture we're talking about is a Vegas lounge act.

Fortunately, some commenters discovered that a mistranslation was to blame, and the proper word was not "applause" but "acclamations," in the liturgical sense. In fact there's already a commonly used acclamation in the Eucharistic prayer; namely, "My Lord and my God" at the consecration.

The source of the mistranslation seems to have been the Urbi et Orbi blog, which currently features an amateurish attack on theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar (taken from the pages of the scurrilous New Oxford Review, the folks whose ads First Things won't run and who recently let us all know that Scott Hahn is a heretic). Hadn't known about that blog before; won't be checking it out again.

Anyhow, at least I won't be asked by the Vatican to show God my personal approval of His performance during the liturgy.



Anonymous amy said...

O.K. We'll preserve some decorum during mass. But this charismatic Catholic still hopes to see "the mountains and the hillls break forth into shouts of joy, and all the trees of the field clap thier hands."

5:22 AM  

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