Saturday, August 13, 2005

Manx Kitties Here are that pair of sweet little manx kitties hoping for adoption. See how mama, realizing someone is looking at her, makes those starfish happy-paws. You just know those kittens have the same adorable temperament. And you can see for yourself how pretty they are.

The kittens will be weaned around the end of September, and if someone would like to go down to Texas City with me the first weekend of October, they would be very happy to have a new family. Their odds for adoption in Texas City seem much less than in our own fair city; one reason I'm pushing so hard for someone to take them.

EDIT: Here's the website for the shelter, for anyone who's interested in adopting one of their lovely critters.

UPDATE: Wydell Dixon, who runs the shelter, will be driving up north at the end of September, and has offered to bring mama cat up with her. She is willing to bring the kittens also if someone here wanted to adopt them. So if you're interested and it's just the road trip putting you off, please contact Wydell at 409-948-1112 and let her know.


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