Sunday, December 21, 2008

What We're Using: Teenage Edition

Hard to believe Offspring #1 will be a teenager when our new academic year starts in January. Her list of curriculum and resources is much shorter, since she has 45-60 minute study periods, while O. #2 has 15 minute lessons and lots and lots of being read to out loud.

Real Analysis. Whatever that may be.

Perrine's Structure, Sound, and Sense

American History
America: A Narrative History (vol. 1)

Rosetta Stone
Mastering German: Level 1

Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry. No, I'm not a Creationist.* Yes, I have to go through the Apologia texts in advance and redact out the "evidence suggests that man lived with the dinosaurs" parts. So go find me a good, systematic secular junior high level science curriculum that intelligently incorporates experiments doable at home. Nope, I couldn't either.

Artes Latinae: Level 2. Finishing up at last this semester, I hope.

Our Quest for Happiness: Through Christ Our Lord.

Now if you clicked on any of those links and blanched at the prices, keep in mind that a $100 text always has a last year's edition that is now $5. Used older editions are the way to go.

*I find it annoying that the word "creation" has been co-opted to mean a particular view of the origins of life and the planet to the point that some of us are left explaining that we believe in creation, but aren't Creationist.


Blogger Darwin said...

If #1 can do Real Analysis, it's high time for Wheelock in Latin. Just sayin'...

The key thing to understand is, it's not hard, it's fun. Memorize two whole declensions in your first chapter? Fun!

8:55 PM  

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