Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Plus, Our College Football Rocks

Forbes listed our lovely Jewel of the Hill Country as the number one "Best Bang for Your Buck" place to be in the coming Depr... er, prolonged economic correction, with the other Big Texas Cities also making it into the Top Ten. A little startling, perhaps, to those of us who remember the last property tax assessment we received (hey, when there's no state income tax, you've gotta get the money from somewhere), but nice. Unless it brings a new influx of Yankees. (Don't tell them about the allergies: it'll be an exciting surprise.)


Blogger Sophia said...

Last weekend, I was talking to a couple who moved here from San Fransisco about a year ago. I asked if the move was job related. They said, "No, we just wanted to be able to afford a house that was more than 1000 sq ft." I told them about this "Biggest Bang for Your Buck" report. Before I knew it, I was saying, "I hope this report doesn't get a lot of attention because I'm not sure if I want more people to move here." That's when I realized I was almost effectively saying to them, "Go on back where you came from." HA!

It's just hard when you remember 183 from Anderson Mill to Mopac only having about 3 businesses and the rest trees and fields...Talk about 100 years ago! But Yeah, exciting surprise!!

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