Friday, June 29, 2007

Xtreme Censing

Do you cringe when that short deacon at your parish swings the censer at apparent random? Flinch instinctively when Father does the asperges as if he's aiming for your head? You must watch how they do the censing at Santiago de Compostela. (The fun starts at about one minute in.)

Just tell yourself, if you die during Mass, first-class ticket to heaven....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa, that's one BIG censer (censor?)...incense-smokin' vessel!

I wish I could send this to my poor mother-in-law who lived with a cigar-smoking husband for 30 years (the air in their house was BLUE), but yet who can't stand it when they perfume her local church with incense (quick, get out the handkerchief and hold it over your mouth and nose!). I'm sure she'll get points in Heaven for putting up with the smoking!

I think instead I'll send this to a friend of mine who's active with the local Latin Mass community -- as a suggestion. You know, our liturgies could benefit from fireworks, too.

9:03 AM  
Blogger The Opinionated Homeschooler said...

It's actually a thurible, and the guys doing the swinging of it would be the thurifers (thuriferi?), but nobody knows what those words mean.

I've been thinking myself how we could incorporate this in our parish. We've got a pretty high ceiling in the nave ... but how do you keep it from swinging to the side and taking out the stained glass windows?

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification (drat my post-Vatican II schooling).


Hope you are doing well with the gestation.


I'm not willing to risk the stained-glass windows, but perhaps we could set off some fireworks from the roof and bell tower during the Consecration.

9:26 AM  
Blogger The Opinionated Homeschooler said...

I didn't know what the thing was called, either; Offspring #1, the altar server who disapproves of incorrect terminology, filled me in.

7:14 AM  
Anonymous amy said...

This has got to rank among the top ten reasons to be Catholic!
Not, of course, that thuribles can be found in the typical parish church - but that some brother conceived of a giant, flying, fiery lamp as a fitting form of worship. Would that we all had better imaginations and more extravagant devotion.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Petrus said...

This one is actually called a botofumeria (which might be a Spanish word... but its what they call it).

My sister and I just finished the pilgrimage to Santiago (Camino de Santiago) which is about 800km. Its awesome, and I think every Catholic should do it.

And it does rank among one of the top things to be Catholic. The pilgrimage, the bones of St. James, the Cathedral, the Botafumeria - completely awesome.

Santiago, by the way, is also where the Salve Regina was written, and the pilgrims were the ones who spread it around the world.

6:13 AM  

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