Friday, June 23, 2006

Catholic Homeschooling Trivia of the Day

So I was putting the finishing touches on my uber-timeline of history books and historical fiction, and I kept running into August Derleth, the prolific author who wrote such young people's books (from the Vision series) as Father Marquette and the Great Rivers, Columbus and the New World, and Saint Ignatius and the Company of Jesus. His name seemed really familiar, though I was sure I'd never seen any of these books until recently, and I finally bounced it off of Eudoxus. "August Derleth? You mean the guy who wrote all those Cthulhu books after Lovecraft died?" Turns out we have plenty of Derleth on the shelf already. Now there are some books that we're not going to give the Offspringen for a while.

Reading about Pere Marquette to the kids will never be quite the same now. "Suddenly, the Mississippi took a sharp bend, and there before the explorers' little canoe, rising out of the water, was a strange tentacled creature with palpitating gills..."


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