Sunday, July 24, 2005

Welcome to my blog! And a special welcome to members of Holy Family Homeschoolers. I'm going to launch this foray into the twenty-first century by keeping the blog, for now, a place to post links to patristic works, relevant excerpts from Quasten's Patrology, and comments thereon. At the moment, nobody except members of HFH is aware of this spot, thus keeping it private; still, I would advise just using first names or pseudonyms, and not posting personal information, the internet being what it is.

Later on, I may invite other friends of mine to the blog; and I'm sure I'll want to post some other things once I get the hang of how this works. As someone once put it well, the point of a blog is so that no thought of mine, no matter how trivial, need ever go unpublished.

Let's go!


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